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COMPUTERUN is an annual collaborative event held by the Information Systems Student Association (HIMSISFO) and the Informatics Students Association (HIMTI) of BINUS University, as one of the efforts in supporting the university to keep striving and becoming A World-Class University in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise.

This year's theme EXECUTE, short for 'Experience Business Creativity through Technology' aims to provide space for students to enhance their creativity skills, develop innovation through technology also gaining rich experiences, new knowledge, and valuable insights along the way.

COMPUTERUN 2.0 will be one of our first event to be held internationally, so let's join and connect with thousands of aspiring students worldwide!

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Our Events


Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is our ceremonial event marking the official start of our COMPUTERUN 2.0 event, there will be games, doorprizes, event information, virtual run milestone announcement, shows, and many more!

Free of charge and open to all participants.

Closing Ceremony (Invitational)

The awarding night is an invitational event dedicated to the winners of our competitions, deans, chairmans, committees, and many more to appreciate everyone’s contribution throughout the whole event. We’ll also be presenting awards to the winners, participate in fun activities, enjoy live shows, and many more!

Virtual Run Competition

SPRINT: Virtual Run

SPRINT, short for Striving Accomplishment to Run Within Technology is where people participate in a virtual run event that aims to provide causes for people to start implementing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle through running. Track your own running record from anywhere you want & get a chance to win prizes!

From Rp55.000
Prices excluding delivery/shipping costs. Bulk discounts available.

Business-IT Competitions

Business-IT Case

COMPUTERUN 2.0 Business IT Case Competition is an international scale Business IT Case Competition where undergraduate students from universities throughout the world compete to:

  • Test their collaborative and analytical skills of a group in finding solutions to solve real-life cases.
  • Get a chance to hone their mindset and creativity in the business & information-technology field.
  • Sharpening their mindset to produce effective business solutions.
Special price available for Workshop Bundle.

Web Design Competition

An international-scale website design competition where undergraduate students from universities throughout the world solve problems and issues through website creation. This competition aims and seeks to:

  • Enhance student's ability to work and collaborate together in group.
  • Develop effective & creative solutions together in resolving problems.
  • Sharpening their mindset in preparing to tackle difficulties in the business & IT world in the future.
  • Improve their web-design skills.
Special price available for Workshop Bundle.


“Increasing User Satisfaction based on User Habits”

Get a chance to learn UI/UX Design skills faciliated by an industry-experienced instructor that will provide tutorials, tips & tricks revolving UI/UX design with the theme of increasing user's satisfaction based on user habits! Don't miss a chance in learning UI/UX Design skills! There will also be prizes during the end of the workshop!

Special price available for new Business-IT Case and Web Design Competition teams.


“Unfolding the Post Pandemic Strategy in Managing a Startup”

Attend our creativepreneur webinar where our industry-experienced speaker will share about how to build, develop, and maintain a business during the pandemic, handle real-life business challenges and risk, and many more!

Coming Soon
Free of charge and open to all participants.

“Implementation of UI/UX in Building A Digital Business”

Take part in our UI/UX webinar where our industry-experienced speaker will share insights about the importance of UI/UX design during this digital era, his work experience in the field, the advantage UI/UX to attract customer in a business, and many more!

Free of charge and open to all participants.

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