Web Design Competition


An international-scale website design competition where undergraduate students from universities throughout the world solve problems and issues through website creation. This competition aims and seeks to:

  • Enhance student's ability to work and collaborate together in group.
  • Develop effective & creative solutions together in resolving problems.
  • Sharpening their mindset in preparing to tackle difficulties in the business & IT world in the future.
  • Improve their web-design skills.


  • Web Design Competition only: Rp300.000
  • With Workshop Bundle: Rp450.000 (for 3 participants, originally Rp480.000)


Grand Prize


Competition System

Elimination Round

  • In the first stage, Participants will create their website by coding according to the case that is given.
  • There will be five (5) best selected groups that will qualify to the final round.

Final Round

  • Participants will present their website results to the judges during the final round.
  • Presentations will be held online via the ZOOM app.


General Competition Rules

  1. Each participant must be an active S1/D4/D3 (bachelor) student of a public or private university, with proof of scanned student identification card (KTM).
  2. Each group must consist of two (2) members and one (1) leader.
  3. Each group member may belong from the same or different colleges or institutions.
  4. Each participant is not allowed to indicate the origin of their institution or college.
  5. Each registered group cannot change the group name or group members for any reason.
  6. Each participant must upload a twibbon on each group member's Instagram account.

Website Development Guidelines

  • The use of frameworks or templates from other people or third-party are not allowed.
  • The final website must be originally created and is not the result of plagiarism.
  • Components included in the final website such as the use of elements or materials (logos, photoworks, graphicworks, trademarks, etc) must be free from copyright.
  • The website created in this competition has never been included in previous or any competition before.
  • Elements such as ethnicity, religion, race, inter-group relations and pornographic elements are strictly prohibited in the website.
  • Every reference used in making of the website must be submitted in a separate file with the format of “.docx” or “txt”
  • Judges and the committees possess the right to cancel or disqualify participants that are proven cheating, fraud indicated in plagiarism or any copyright infringement.

Additional Rules and Guidelines

Full details of the COMPUTERUN 2.0 Web Design Competition guidelines are available on this Guidebook (PDF).


How do I upload the scanned Student ID Card, Instagram Twibbon evidence, as well as the Payment Receipt?

After you clicked on the REGISTER button below, you will be redirected to our payment form to upload these three evidences. Please note that we only accept uploads in .ZIP archive format and nothing else.

The zip archive must include evidences for all the team leader and members, and this means you only need to upload evidences once without requiring other team members to upload the same evidences on the payment page. If you decide to re-upload the file, the older version of the uploaded file will be overriden and no longer available for us to review.

When scanning and uploading Student ID Card, please make sure that you and your team members' university name, student identification number, and the full name are clearly visible. Additional guidelines regarding the Student ID Card verification can be found on

How to Join

1. Create Account

First thing first, create a new COMPUTERUN 2.0 account by clicking on this button.

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2. Register on Events

After signed in with your freshly-new COMPUTERUN 2.0 account, click that shiny REGISTER NOW buttons on events you'd like to participate. Some events may require you to fill in additional information, so please check them out first.

3. Join Our Group

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