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Student ID Card Verification

About This Guidebook

This guidebook is intended for participants wishing to compete on both Business-IT Case and/or Web Design competitions. Please note that participants for SPRINT and other events are not required to upload their Student ID Card to be eligible for participating in the respective events.

Since both competitions, as well as the entire COMPUTERUN 2.0 event, will be held internationally, we acknowledge that there will be some edge cases where eligible participants are unable to submit Student ID Cards according to our general guidelines and requirements. If this is the case for you, please contact us through our LINE Official Account at @995bowex or by emailing to [email protected] before the start of the competition.

Students of BINUS University

All BINUS University, BINUS University International (Senayan/JWC Campus), as well as BINUS Online Learning (BOL) students taking either bachelor or Master Track study programs are eligible to participate in both Business-IT Case and Web Design competitions. However, in order to be eligible for entering these competitions, please kindly inform us if you or your member are a student of one of the Master Track programs offered in BINUS University.

If you are an active student of BINUS University, BINUS University International, or BINUS Online Learning (BOL), we accept one the following scans/screenshots as a valid Student ID Card evidence document:

  • Your physical, BINUSIAN CARD FLAZZ (only front face is required)
  • Your Profile/Settings screenshot on BINUS Mobile for Student (Academic Services) app for Android and iOS
  • Your Profile/Settings screenshot on the all-new BINUSMAYA (LMS) app for Android and iOS

Other Eligible Students

Just like last year for Indonesian students, we are allowing active university students enrolling in any universities and higher education institutions, as long as they are officially registered in their respective country's department/ministry of (higher) education. Please ensure that your scanned Student ID Card (commonly referred as "Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa" or KTM in Indonesia) contains these three, important details:

  1. Your university or higher education institution's name or logo
  2. Your full name, and
  3. Your student ID number ("Nomor Induk Mahasiswa" / NIM)

Some universities and higher education institutions may instead offer digital student ID cards which could be accessible from their respective mobile apps. If you decide to upload digital cards, please ensure that the above three details are clearly visible on the uploaded screenshot.

Additional Guidelines for Student ID Cards in Apple Wallet

If your digital Student ID card is integrated with the Apple Wallet app, the Student ID number might not be visible on the card by default. If this is the case, please send us both screenshot of:

  1. Your front-facing digital card (i.e. the ones visible from the homepage of the Wallet app), and
  2. Additional card details highlighting your name and Student ID number, shown by tapping the More... button on the card preview.

You may block or censor unnessecary details (e.g. your student card balance) before submitting the screenshots to us. For more information about digital Student ID card integration in Apple Wallet, please visit

Countermeasures Against Student ID Card Forgery

Forgery of official documents is considered a serious offence by Indonesian law as well as BINUS University's campus life regulations (PTTKK). Hence, we will disqualify all participants and teams who are involved in forging Student ID cards for participating into our competitions, and are not responsible for refunds due to the disqualification.

Here we may retain the right to perform further inspections to ensure the validity of your submitted ID cards and related information, including but not limited to:

  • Verifying your identity against public databases of university and higher education students, such as Pangkalan Data Perguruan Tinggi (PDDikti) by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Indonesia.
  • Requesting further information from you regarding your involvement in your selected university or higher education institution.

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