Virtual Run

SPRINT (Striving Accomplishment to Run Within Technology)


SPRINT, short for Striving Accomplishment to Run Within Technology is our virtual run competition that aims to provide causes for people to start implementing and maintaining a healthier lifestyle through running. Track your own running record from anywhere you want & get a chance to win prizes!

SPRINT will be one of our first events to be hold alongsige our official Opening Ceremony, where we will also announce our SPRINT milestones on the event.


Registration & Payment Until

December 10, 2021

Running Period

December 13, 2021 - December 27, 2021

Submit Your Running Record before

December 27, 2021

Awarding Ceremony

January 9, 2022


Best Male Runner

Rp 500.000

Best Female Runner

Rp 500.000

+ Free Merchandise

Complete the 5 KM challenge and get your medal, t-shirt, and string bag delivered to your house


Registration Fees

The ticket price for SPRINT is Rp55.000 (Medal-only) or Rp170.000 (for full set of Finisher Pack). However, you can invite another friend or foe into SPRINT and get a special price of Rp300.000 (2 pax, full set).

Shipping/Delivery Fees

The above registration fee does not include additional fees for shipment or delivery of the Finisher Pack. We will send the Finisher Pack directly from Central Jakarta, and the following prices apply depending on your domicile.

Location Price
Java, Bali, and Nusa Tenggara Barat Rp20.000
Nusa Tenggara Timur Rp 35.000
Sumatra and nearby islands
(e.g. Riau islands and Belitung)
Rp 20.000
Kalimantan Rp50.000
Sulawesi and nearby islands Rp70.000
Maluku and North Maluku islands Rp95.000
Papua islands Rp150.000


  1. Participants must reach the minimum distance of 5 KM (approx. 3.11 mi), which can be accumulated during the race period.
  2. Participants are prohibited to use any vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, car, or any other transportation mode) in tracking their running miles.
  3. Participants are not allowed to use the treadmill.
  4. Participants must use STRAVA to record their run and only run records from STRAVA are accepted as valid.
  5. Participants must join the COMPUTERUN 2.0 STRAVA club or else any run records submitted are considered invalid.
  6. Participants submit their running records (distance and screenshot) through our form available on COMPUTERUN 2.0 website.
  7. Participants are allowed to submit their running records multiple times.
  8. The Finisher Pack (medal, t-shirt, and string bag) will only be given to those who have reached the target distance of 5 km.

Additional Rules and Guidelines

Full details of the COMPUTERUN 2.0 SPRINT Virtual Run Competition guidelines are available on this Guidebook (PDF).


If you are feeling new and confused about Strava. Please kindly read this Strava guidebook.

The guidebook will help you answer your question regarding the Virtual run, let’s find out more information in the guidebook


Can I participate in SPRINT outside of Indonesia?

We would like to apologize that SPRINT is currently unavailable to international participants due to concerns with international shipment/delivery of our Finisher Pack.

How do I get the STRAVA club link and the upload form?

Once your registration has been approved, please come back to this page (under the Join Now section) to see the STRAVA club link as well as the running record upload form.

Should I pay the Shipment/Delivery Fee first or later?

Yes, please pay the delivery fee altogether with the registration fee to us.

If you are registering for two (2) persons, you'll need to pay the Shipment/Delivery Fee for both.

I'm registering for two pax and we're living in the same place. Can I just pay the Shipment/Delivery Fee once for both of us?

First, please make sure that both of you agree to do so, since we will not be responsible for handling further deliveries once the Finisher Pack(s) have been successfully delivered to you.

Then, please let us know via our LINE Official Account if you would like to do so, so our committees won't deny your application due to false positives for insufficient funds (i.e. you haven't paid the Delivery Fee for the other person).

Will I get refunds if I failed to reach the target?

The registration fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable. However, paid delivery fees can be refunded to you by contacting us through our LINE Official Account.

How to Join

1. Create Account

First thing first, create a new COMPUTERUN 2.0 account by clicking on this button.

Create Account

2. Register on Events

After signed in with your freshly-new COMPUTERUN 2.0 account, click that shiny REGISTER NOW buttons on events you'd like to participate. Some events may require you to fill in additional information, so please check them out first.

3. Join Our Group

...and finally, don't forget to join our official STRAVA Club to receive important information regarding your events, competitions, and attendance.

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