“Creativity in Building and Managing Business during Pandemic”


Attend our creativepreneur webinar where our industry-experienced speaker will share about how to build, develop, and maintain a business during the pandemic, handle real-life business challenges and risk, and many more!


  1. Participants must deactivate their microphone throughout the whole event and can only activate when they are allowed to talk by the MC.
  2. Participants from BINUS University must rename their display name to “NIM - Name”.
  3. Participants are prohibited to talk using inappropriate language or containing racial, religious, and ethnicity discrimination.
  4. Participants are prohibited from smoking/vaping and sleeping during the seminar.
  5. Participants must fill both entry and exit tickets in order to receive an E-Certificate (all participants) as well as SAT points (BINUSIAN only).
  6. Participants are only allowed to ask from the Question Form provided in Slido.

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