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We are active in many social media platforms, ranging from Instagram to TikTok to LinkedIn. Don't forget to follow us to get updated information regarding COMPUTERUN 2.0!

COMPUTERUN 2.0 is proudly presented by the HIMSISFO (Information Systems Student Association) and HIMTI (Computer Science Student Association) of BINUS University. To learn more about both of us, please visit:

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If you are encountering any issues regarding COMPUTERUN 2.0, please contact us through our LINE Official Account (formerly [email protected]) or by email

We recommend you to read our rules, policies, and guidelines before asking further questions, such as performing Student ID Card verification to be eligible to participate in Business-IT Case as well as Web Design competitions.

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We are currently open for Sponsorship and Media Partner opportunities. You may review our proposal and terms by clicking the links below.

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